Aputure Wireless Remote Review


The Aputure AP-WR3 (also identified as the R7E) is a wireless trigger and receiver combo for Canon cameras. It allows you to remotely trigger your camera shutter button by using radio signals, which makes it convenient for setups where you don’t want to trip over wires. Aerial photographers who attach their cameras to kites, helicopters and planes rely hevily on this type of technology to snap photos. A much more common use is to use this type of remote to take your own photo, for example when you are setting up lights prior having a model or assistant being available to test on.

This is a pretty common item found in many photographer’s bags. It only costs about $20, so it’s inexpensive enough to have laying around just in case you ever find a need to use it. I purchased it for no specific purpose and found myself using it a week later to take long exposure shots in bulb mode, allowing me to trigger the camera without actually touching it. If this review and video doesn’t give you enough details, or if you are seeking a second opinion, check out this CameraLabs.com user review.

Buy the Aputure AP-WR3 from eBay for ~$20



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