Blackmagic Digital Cinema Camera


This week Blackmagic, a company previously only associated with video post-production hardware and software, announced a new video camera at NAB 2012. While I normally don’t pay much attention to video equipment, the new Blackmagic Digital Cinema Camera (official page)screams for my attention. Here are a few features to introduce you to the camera, followed by a product demo from NAB with a Blackmagic representative.

  • Price: $2,995
  • Resolutions: 2.5K RAW at 2432 x 1366.ProRes and DNxHD at 1920 x 1080
  • Frame Rates: 23.98p, 24p, 25p, 29.97p, 30p
  • Dynamic Range: 13 stops
  • Lens Compatibility: EF (Canon) and ZE (Carl Zeiss) mounts
  • Software: DaVinci Resolve, Blackmagic UltraScope, Media Express

They are packaging this camera with a $1,600 software package so that you can actually do something with that beautiful 2.5K RAW video. Davinci Resolve’s color grading is pretty impressive, and I imagine working with files shoot by their own camera will only enhance the experience across all of the included software platforms. Speaking of software, the ability to pop out a SSD hard drive from the camera and bring it straight into your edit suite is pretty awesome. The camera even offers 2 compressed recording options at 1080p including Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHD so that you don’t need to transcode footage when bringing it into your nonlinear editor (NLE). Another big advantage to using SSD hard drives as recording media is that they are relatively cheap and will only go down in price over the next couple years as more consumer laptops and eventually desktops adopt them as standard equipment.


An interesting feature that the Blackmagic Digital Cinema Camera offers is the ability to add meta tags to video files in camera. This is used as an organizational tool so that when you bring the footage into your post-production software you can easily find clips. This sounds like a smart idea, especially for more organized shooters, but it is probably something that I could personally live without.

The Blackmagic Digital Cinema Camera won’t be available until July 30th, but you can pre-order it from Adorama here. Here is a link to some sample footage for those of you who can’t wait to get your hands on it.


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