Bublcam: a 360 Degree Camera

  The Oculus Rift was one of the hottest Kickstarter projects last year, leading to what many people thought would be the next revolution in gaming technology. It presented a virtual reality experience with more detail and precision than any previous device, causing it to win the ‘Best Hardware’ prize at E3 2013. Now take a moment to imagine what this hardware could do when you combine it with a video camera capable of recording a 360 degree field of view. That idea is what makes me excited to see the new Bublcam Kickstarter project. Bublcam shares some of the technology embedded in Google’s streetview cameras. It uses 4 lenses to create a 360 degree field of view in a device roughly the size of a baseball. The four images captured by the camera are combined by software in real time to create a seamless 360 degree view that you can playback and control on your mobile device or computer. Even more impressive is the ability to stream your footage live using the device’s built-in Wi-Fi. Not interested in 360 degree live blogging? Use the built-in micro SD slot to save up to 32GB worth of video, or use the USB 2.0 port to save footage to a thumb drive. As mentioned on their Kickstarter page, Bublcam is leveraging the Oculus Rift and Leap Motion APIs to remotely control a Bublcam. The merging of Bublcam’s 360 recording technology with Oculus Rift’s 360 viewing capabilities could lead to a new 360 degree panoramic video market. Imagine taking a ride on a real world roller coaster, recorded by the Bublcam and then later viewed on an Oculus Rift. If that’s not thrilling enough, consider a horror movie with a first person perspective. That would be a heck of a lot creepier than the pathetic 3D effects often used in today’s theaters. For more information about the Bublcam visit their official website at Bublcam.com, or if you are fortunate enough to be viewing this article before┬áDec 14, 2013 you can participate in their Kickstarter campaign.

Product Specs

Hardware 4 190┬║, 1.6 megapixels lenses
Video Resolution 30fps at 720p or 15fps at 1080p, MP4
Image Resolution 3840 X 3840, 14 megapixel
Recording Options Live Stream via Wi-Fi, Micro SD (32GB max), and USB 2.0

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