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Lightroom Preset: Color Pop

The “Color Pop” preset for Lightroom is designed to be used as a starting point when you are trying to achieve a natural looking image. It boosts colors, creating a more vibrant look without effecting the basic tone of the
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Lightroom Presets: Fields of Gold & Golden Girls

While archiving some images that I took years ago, I came up with two new Adobe Lightroom presets that work as great sepia alternatives. The “Fields of Gold” preset is designed to warm up images and enhance the bokeh effect
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RAW Image Lightroom Camera Calibration

A friend of mine was recently shooting in both JPG and RAW formats lately and noticed that the RAW image files looked funny in Lightroom. He asked me for help in determining what caused the RAW files to look so…
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Lightroom Preset: Golden Hour

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I was looking for a really warm and bright Lightroom to bring out the classic “golden hour” look in some photos taken in normal daylight. Unhappy with any of the
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Lightroom Preset: Classic Black and White

In January 2012 I had a chance to photograph select members of Ocala’s Symphony orchestra. The series featured solo artists as well as music director Matthew Wardell (pictured in the example image below).
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Photo Post Production Workflow

In this article I am documenting my post production worfklow involving Adobe Lightroom, Portrait Professional, and Adobe Photoshop. The amount of time needed to edit a photo using all 3 of these software solutions is significant, so I tend
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Ice Queen Lightroom Workflow

This video is a demonstration of how I used Adobe Lightroom to edit images from the Ice Queen photo shoot. Check out the before and after comparison to see how much of a difference there is between what you
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