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MetroMile Review

MetroMile is a San Francisco based company who provides per-mile auto insurance to customers in select states (currently Washington and Oregon, with plans to expand to California soon). Another product that they provide is the MetroMile iOS app, which
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Vagabond Mini Lithium Battery Review

The Vagabond Mini Lithium is a battery pack designed for photographers who need to operate studio lights in locations where electrical outlets are hard to come by. It’s a 3.5 pound miracle to photographers like me who don’t want
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The Phlite turns camera gear into lamps

Phlite is a lamp conversion kit that allows you to turn your tripod or SLR camera into a floor or desk lamp. You spent tons of money on that camera, so why do you keep it stowed away? Attach a
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Bublcam: a 360 Degree Camera

  The Oculus Rift was one of the hottest Kickstarter projects last year, leading to what many people thought would be the next revolution in gaming technology. It presented a virtual reality experience with more detail and precision than any
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Gifpop! Animated Gif Printing

Have you ever wanted to share an animated .gif image offline? The Kickstarter campaign Gifpop is offering just that. Gifpop is a lenticular printing service that makes it simple and affordable to print animated images. The Gifpop team has already
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The Quickdraw Lens Holster

I’m a big fan of the website because it hosts a number of great ideas developed by small businesses or individuals looking to fund their inventions or projects. If you are a photographer you will love Kickstarter too once…
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I’ve been a registered member of for a while now (see my profile), but it wasn’t until I recently moved to San Francisco that I found the site to be fruitful. Previously I was living in the
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The Truth About UV Filters

UV filters have become a must have item for many photographers who want to protect the front of their lens. They serve as cannon fodder (or as I like to call it “Canon” fodder), shielding your expensive lens from dangerous …

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