Gifpop! Animated Gif Printing

Have you ever wanted to share an animated .gif image offline? The Kickstarter campaign Gifpop is offering just that. Gifpop is a lenticular printing service that makes it simple and affordable to print animated images. The Gifpop team has already reached a couple of their Kickstarter goals, adding support for importing Vine and Instagram images and the ability to provide a custom note to the back of your prints. Two goals are still unmet including the ability to add a widget to your website or Tumblr account, making it easy for followers to print your images while you earn a commission, and the ability to print business card and postcards. For those of you who aren’t interested in producing your own prints, Gifpop has partnered with a few popular gif designers like Mr. Div89-A, and Davidope. Some of the Kickstarter rewards include either a 3″ by 3″ or 8″ by 8″ print by these artists. You can help fund Gifpop on Kickstarter and receive a custom animated print for as little as $12 USD.

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