Lightroom FTP Export

One of the biggest missing features in Lightroom 4 is that they still haven’t added a built in FTP export option for users who want to only upload images to an FTP server. Fortunately, a Lightroom user contributed a free FTP plugin that allows you to do just that with minimal hassle. In the video below I demonstrate how you can install and use this plugin to add image files to a FTP server.


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I got it woking with Lightroom 4 and it seem to work well. Running multilple ftp’s at once seem to crash lightroom but I still need to confirm this. Being able to create ftp batches or “Export Presets” that can Resize, Add Logo ,Make Thumbnail and Create folders save me time for sure. I have moved this into production and will update if Crashing becomes a issue. I have it working on 2 machines with Lightroom 4 but can not figure out if the carsh has to do with this add on or it is something the New Lightroom is doing. Still debuging.

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