Lightroom Preset: Classic Black and White

In January 2012 I had a chance to photograph select members of Ocala’s Symphony orchestra. The series featured solo artists as well as music director Matthew Wardell (pictured in the example image below).
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Most of the images in this set were taken in front of a black seamless paper backdrop, but the conductor had a chance to pose in front of a white background which is the setup that I based this black and white Lightroom preset on. The reason I call this preset “Classic Black & White” is because it uses very light sepia tones to warm the photograph, which produces a slightly more antique look. This approach in converting an image to black and white produces a softer and more appealing portrait image. If you want to cool the image and create a true black and white image, then disable the Split Toning effects. As always, you will need to spend a little time adjusting this preset for each scene. I suggest that you being by editing the tone controls to improve the exposure of the image after applying the preset.

Download Lightroom Preset

Click on the button to the right to download a .zip file that contains the Classic Black & White LIghtroom Preset.


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