Lightroom Presets: Fields of Gold & Golden Girls

While archiving some images that I took years ago, I came up with two new Adobe Lightroom presets that work as great sepia alternatives. The “Fields of Gold” preset is designed to warm up images and enhance the bokeh effect (background blur, influenced by the lens aperture), creating a dreamy environment that will make most skin types look flawless and beautiful. My second preset “Golden Girls” has a lot in common with Fields of Gold, but it allows for darker shadows, leaving you with better defined shapes.
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Fields of Gold creates a dreamy environment out of well lit outdoor locations. It boosts the exposure of the original image to overexpose some highlight details. When you combine this technique with properly lit subjects, you end up getting nice looking skin without needing to spend much time in Photoshop. A couple gradient layers are used to warm the temperature of the photo and also to create a more dynamic color range. A number of other color adjustments are also applied to warm the image and improve skin tones. No preset will achieve a perfect result out of the box, so as usual I recommend that you tweak your settings after applying the Fields of Gold preset. I suggest adjusting your exposure until you achieve a good base level. From there you may want to try moving the Temperature, Tint, and then finally Camera Calibration controls to change the overall color of the image.
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The Golden Girls Lightroom preset (demonstrated in the image above) borrows a lot from the Fields of Gold preset, but it differs mostly by preserving shadows. The darker colors help define the shape of objects and give more contrast to the image. This makes it a more useful preset that can be used in a variety of lighting and subject scenarios.

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