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MetroMile is a San Francisco based company who provides per-mile auto insurance to customers in select states (currently Washington and Oregon, with plans to expand to California soon). Another product that they provide is the MetroMile iOS app, which acts as ‘a Fitbit for your car’.
Metromile Street Cleaning Email Alert

Metromile Street Cleaning Email Alert

The MetroMile app is coupled with their “Metronome” device, which you leave plugged into your car’s diagnostic port. The Metronome uses a cellular modem to wirelessly transmit data from your car to MetroMile’s servers. It also has a built in GPS chip to track the location of your car. All of these hardware features are put to use with the iOS application, which lets you track your car’s health and usage. Forgot where you parked? MetroMile has you covered with a “Find My Car” feature. If you live in San Francisco, it will even send you an alert when you need to move you car during street cleaning times. The app also tracks your trips on a map (which you can play back), gives you an idea of how much gas you are using each day, and alerts you to any issues that your car may be having. If you are in a state where MetroMile is able to provide insurance, you can subscribe to their per-mile auto insurance plan. Drivers who don’t put many miles on their car (under 10,000 a year) may be able to save a lot. MetroMile reports that their customers save an average of over $400 a year. For someone in an urban environment who doesn’t make use of their car much, the concept of per-mile insurance makes a lot of sense to me. At this point, I haven’t had enough hands-on time with the MetroMile service to give it an in depth review. I will follow up in a few weeks with an addendum to this article to give my final verdict on whether every urban dweller should consider picking up a Metronome. I am also waiting on MetroMile to expand their insurance program to California residents, which is currently in the works. Until then, I see no reason why you shouldn’t go ahead and sign up for the MetroMile beta program to get a free Metronome.


✔ Free Metronome device ✔ iOS App ✔ Web dashboard ✔ Street cleaning warnings (SF only) ✔ Track where you have been on a map ✔ Good value car insurance


✖ No Android App (yet) ✖ Insurance only available in select states

Available for Free!

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