Opteka OSG14 1/4" Honeycomb Grid Review


The Opteka OSG14 is a 1/4″ honeycomb grid that attaches to just about any speedlight/speedlite external flash. It comes with the Opteka CL-2 clinch band (aka speed strap), which allows you to add the accessory to your speedlight unit without having to permanently attach Velcro to it. Opteka is responsible for a number of affordable camera accessories, offering items for nearly half the price of other manufacturers.

This item creates a spotlight effect, focusing light in a central area. It is useful for highlighting parts of a photograph, like faces, while keeping surrounding areas dark. In my test photos at 50mm, I noticed that the flash was creating a vignette effect effect on the outside corners of the image when shooting a wall 20 feet from my camera. I will need to prepare some more experiments to give a more detailed report on the abilities of this flash modifier, but honeycomb grids all operate just about the same so I don’t expect any surprises.

The Opteka OSG14 can be picked up from Amazon for as little as $13, which is a steal considering that it costs nearly the same as a clinch band accessory from a third party manufacturer. That band by the way is probably the only disputed weak point of this item, as some reviewers consider it to not grip the speedlight effectively. In my experiences, with proper application of the band will remain on the light as long as you don’t shake it around like crazy.

Get the Opteka OSG14 1/4″ Honeycomb Grid for $12.95 at Amazon.com


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