RAW Image Lightroom Camera Calibration

A friend of mine was recently shooting in both JPG and RAW formats lately and noticed that the RAW image files looked funny in Lightroom. He asked me for help in determining what caused the RAW files to look so bad when compared to the JPG alternatives. When you shoot in RAW, your camera doesn’t apply a lot of educated guesses to the image file concerning color and contrast like a JPG file would. When working with RAW you are expected to make those judgement calls yourself when you import the photos to your computer for editing. If you are a Lightroom user, you should use the Camera Calibration module to either choose a profile (Ex. Camera Faithful, Camera Landscape, Camera Portrait, etc.) or to sculpt your own if you are looking to produce the same look as those JPGs. Here is a video that demonstrates this feature pretty well.


By using the Camera Calibration tool, you should be able to get a look similar to what your camera outputs in JPG form: a vivid and colorful image. If you don’t want to ever forget to apply the Camera Calibration setting to your images, create a Lightroom preset and apply the effect to your images during import..


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