Recommended Android Apps for 2014

This post features a list of Android apps that I have personally tested and recommend to others. I have split the list into 2 sections, the first section contains general app recommendations that may be useful to anyone. The second section holds a number of apps that are handy to photographers, such as tools for filming, editing, and publishing your images to the web.


AntennaPod is a really simple podcast app for Android that makes it easy to catch up on the latest podcast content. If you are looking for a more advanced podcast player, I recommend Stitcher.
Google Play

Bittorrent Sync

Still in beta, Bittorrent Sync is a software solution for backing up files using P2P technology. It’s an alternative to cloud backup services like Dropbox, only with no fees or limits beyond your own storage space.
Google Play


It took me a long time to switch my desktop from Firefox to Google’s Chrome browser. One of the reasons I finally made the change was because I started using Chrome as my mobile browser. The Chrome app has a great interface and provides all of the features and speed that I need from a browser. My favorite feature though is the ability to sync my history and bookmarks between devices that are signed in to my Google account.
Google Play


Flipboard aggregates content from a number of sources and presents news in a beautiful interface.
Google Play

Google Opinion Rewards

Earn Google Play store credits by answering brief surveys hosted by Google. Who doesn’t want free money?
Google Play


The ‘chat head’ design of HoverChat’s SMS messaging app makes it multi-task friendly. Read and reply to text messages without exiting other applications.
Google Play


Notifications Lock Screen is an app that lets you see your notifications (like what you see on your homescreen pulldown menu) on your lock screen. You can click on a notification to open the corresponding app.
Google Play


SolCalendar gives me an easy way to quickly navigate between calendar events. As an added bonus, they offer the ability to include the weather and a fantastic widget for tracking upcoming events.
Google Play


My favorite Twitter client for the moment, Tweedle offers a simple interface for maintaining your Twitter accounts.
Google Play


See which popular Android apps have recently gone on sale, and track your own list of apps for price drop notifications with AppSales.
Google Play


I am a Gmail user and I use CloudMagic (iOS+Android) as my mail app because it is simply the fastest way for me to manage my emails. It supports up to 5 accounts on a device, which can be either Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo, Outlook, iCloud, Google Apps, Office 365 or any other IMAP account.
Google Play


Dropbox provides one of the easiest ways to synchronize and backup files between devices. Set up the Dropbox app to automatically backup your photos.
Google Play

Eye In Sky Weather

This free weather app offers widgets and even notification bar integration to keep you informed about the current conditions outside.
Google Play

Flow for Reddit

This pre-beta Android app is a great way to experience from your phone or tablet.
Google Play

Google Play Newsstand

Google’s new Newsstand app integrates news with your magazine subscriptions. This makes it a must have for Android tablet owners.
Google Play


Recollect is an app that sends reminders when you approach set locations. For example, you may want to set a reminder to call your significant other when you get home.
Google Play

Timely Alarm Clock

Timely is easily the best looking alarm clock app in the Android market. It offers a number of timer and alarm features, and it has a great looking Daydream mode in case you want to use your Android device as a clock. Best of all, thanks to Google this app is now available as a free download!
Google Play

Android Apps for Photographers

The following apps are recommendations that I make specifically for other photographers. If you have any suggestions for the list, please leave a comment below and include a link to the app on the Play store.

500px is home to some amazing photography (including my own). Browse for inspiring images, or upload your own with the official 500px app.
Google Play

After Focus

After Focus is used to apply blur and focus effects to images from your photo library. This makes your subpar camera phone images look a little more like a DSLR.
Google Play

DSLR Controller

Use your Android device to frame your shots, or change your camera settings, using the DSLR Controller app. Warning: this app is not compatible with some devices.
Google Play


Flickr’s free user accounts now allow up to 1 terabyte of storage space! They also offer free filters and frames, and a variety of basic image editing tools.
Google Play

Model Release Master

If you are working as a photographer who needs to collect model release forms frequently, the Model Release Master app for Android helps reduce the paperwork by digitizing the process. Have models read and sign releases, along with other useful features.
Google Play

500 Firepaper

This app automates changing your phone’s wallpaper to the latest popular or editors picks from You can control which categories that you want to subscribe to and how often it should update. The app also allows you to add a blur or darken effect to make images more suitable wallpapers.
Google Play

Camera ZOOM FX (Paid)

If your phone’s default camera just isn’t cutting it, Camera ZOOM FX is a great alternative. If offers image effect presets, a voice activated shutter, and you can assign hardware button actions (volume rocker zoom, home button shutter, etc.),
Google Play

dv Prompter

Ron Burgundy depended on teleprompters, and now you can too! Turn your Android tablet into a teleprompter for free with dv Prompter.
Google Play


Instagram is synonymous with mobile photography. Instagram makes sharing your creative images with others easy and it offers a number of preset effects to choose from.
Google Play

Sun Surveyor Lite

Sun Surveyor is a great tool for keeping track of daylight. It offers a number of features important to photographers, like the golden hour time, and it has a 3D compass so that you can visualize where the sun will be in the sky based on the time of day.
Google Play


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Lucas Thornsberry, Sufficiently Advanced Apps
February 28, 2014 6:04 pm

I created an app that will help out a lot of photographers on Android. Pic Perfect lets you compare images to help you find the best one out of a set you choose, and gives you options to copy/move/delete/share it and the ones that weren’t as good. It’s great for burst mode and for finding your best shots if you capture a lot of them. I’d really love it if you would check it out. Thanks!

Play Store:

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