The Quickdraw Lens Holster

I’m a big fan of the website because it hosts a number of great ideas developed by small businesses or individuals looking to fund their inventions or projects. If you are a photographer you will love Kickstarter too once you discover some of the great photography-based products. There’s everything from time-lapse devices, remote triggers, sliders, jibs, and even holsters. That’s right, a holster. Like something you might find on a police officer around his belt, only for camera lenses instead of guns and bullets. The “Quickdraw” device is a lens holster worn around your waist that allows you to quickly store and retrieve lenses. It’s the perfect companion for the wedding or event photographer. Just screw a lens in to secure it and protect the back element, and unscrew another lens to put on your camera. For $75 you get 1 Quickdraw. Bear in mind that you will need to purchase a Quickdraw for each lens holder, so at the very least you will probably spend $150 on a set of two. Based on the product video, it looks like a must-have device for many photographers. It comes in two forms: a Nikon mount and Canon mount. You can reserve a Quickdraw Lens Holster from for a limited time. If you’ve missed out on the Kickstart campaign, you should follow the product through their Facebook page or website..


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