I’ve been a registered member of for a while now (see my profile), but it wasn’t until I recently moved to San Francisco that I found the site to be fruitful. Previously I was living in the heart of Florida, about an hour away from any metropolitan population. Earlier this year I moved to the urban hills of San Francisco, a brief bus ride away from just about anything. Since the relocation I’ve suddenly found to be a hundred times more useful, inundating my inbox with new freelance photo job opportunities every day. The majority of projects submitted through Thumbtack are couples seeking a wedding photographer. The bread and butter for most photographers, especially in the summer months. It seems like 4/6ths of the jobs listed on Thumbtack for the San Francisco area are for a wedding ceremony or engagement shoot. About 1/6 projects will be some other form of portrait photography, which could be anything like corporate headshots, boudoir, or graduation photos. The final 1/6 of listings are various things like product or real estate photography. I should probably mention now that Thumbtack isn’t strictly photographers. They actually support all sorts of service providers like house cleaners, tutors, general contractors, magicians, and just about anything else you can think of. They make finding these providers very easy, and even better for me they make finding legitimate clients simple too by having them fill in some basic information when they perform a search. As a photographer being given a client’s details I can quickly see what type of work needs to be done, what form of delivery they want (digital or prints), their selected time frame, and contact details. Where Thumbtack makes their money is by having providers pay a fee to contact potential clients in response to their queries. You can either pay a one time $2.99 fee to gain access to the client, or pay a monthly membership cost of $39.99 for unlimited access. You can see how many providers have applied for the job before submitting a message, so you will know which jobs are being competitively bid on. So far I haven’t had a chance to bid on a job, but I know that Thumbtack also offers a feature where you can have the client pay for the project via their website. I will have to post a follow-up detailing that feature in a future post. Overall I am very impressed with the number of leads that Thumbtack is generating for my photography business. I haven’t acted on any as of yet because I have been too busy to take on any extra work at this time, but I look forward to exploring all of the features that the website has to offer me. If you are a photographer looking to gain new business, Thumbtack is a great way to start attracting new clients. Keep in mind that if you are from the San Francisco area, then treat this post like it’s opposite day and stay away. I don’t need any more competition in the Bay Area, so you are going to have to either move or find a different career. Interested in seeing my fantastic Thumbtack portfolio? Click here to check it out..

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